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The mission of the Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust is to preserve and protect ecologically sensitive sites at Cove Point and Southern Maryland through land conservation, scientific research, and environmental education.

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Quarterly Update January – March, 2018


Our winter Nature Walk was a neighborhood event with half of the eight hikers being from the Hellen Creek watershed. The Presidents Day Great Backyard Bird Count yielded nearly 200 birds and eighteen species. The maples are in bud and the daffodils are just starting to bloom. We’ve had flickers and phoebes working the sumac berries by the birdbath. I’m hearing actual bird song rather than the winter call notes.

The Sustainable Calvert Network continued to hold several planning meetings. CPNHT is an active member and is sponsoring the March 28 th open Forum on Rural Lands. Funding has been ignored for land preservation for several years and needs to be addressed.

Calvert County’s Citizen Green team met three times to discuss the 2018 Green Expo. It will be held at Annmarie Gardens on Saturday June 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We sponsored Greg Kearn’s presentation for the winter lecture of the Calvert Nature Society February 9 th . Staff attended a planning meeting at the Forest Technological Center in Leonardtown.


The board approved funding for the Second Grade Chespax Program at Annmarie Gardens. They also funded the 2018 Calvert Stewards program that trains and utilizes volunteer effort to hold trainings, workshops, and programs for all ages of Calvert residents.

The Master Naturalist training program has started in Calvert County. We are a sponsor. St. Mary’s will hold their class in the fall. We have agreed to sponsor that class as well.

Staff held two presentations for the environmental studies classes at the Forest Technological Center.

Land Management

An invasive plant event is planted for March 24 th at the Preserve. Trail work has been confined to branch and tree removal. The March northeaster took two tees on Clifton Drive and at least four across Hellen Creek Trail. No damage to any structures. We do need to repair the railing at the stairs to the creek. Boy Scouts held their annual winter encampment here at Hellen Creek the last weekend in January. Two additional weekends are already on the calendar.

Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust (PTLT) is working with the Navy REPI program and the owners (TNC) of the Hemlock Preserve. TNC has the sale contract in hand. We are now waiting for their lawyers to review and act on acceptance or modification.

The county’s Land Preservation Committee has started meeting again. The Rural Legacy deadline for 2018 was missed but plans for a submission for 2019 are on-going.


Brent Steury submitted his annual plant monitoring at the Cove Point Marsh proposal. In addition to this research Brent will be surveying the beetle population associated with populations of lizard’s tail (herbaceous plant) in the marsh.

Paul Bushmann’s horseshoe crab survey was completed and the Final report was submitted. It is available on-line. His proposal for 2018 surveys was accepted at the February 20 th board.

Greg Kearns was the speaker for 2018 winter lecture on February 9 th at Battle Creek. He spoke about the Motus Tower effort and potential activities for 2018/2019 season.

American Chestnut Land Trust Science Committee held two meetings to set dates for on-going research and monitoring on their properties. CPNHT provided funding the 2018 efforts. Staff serves on this committee.

Our non-tidal water monitoring effort with the county missed a sampling. We hope to get back on schedule with a winter sampling. Future efforts may be directed by CBL rather than the county.


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