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The mission of the Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust is to preserve and protect ecologically sensitive sites at Cove Point and Southern Maryland through land conservation, scientific research, and environmental education.

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Annual report of Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust 2018-2019

In accordance with the Agreement, for 2018-2019 the Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust consisted of seven Trustees and the Business Manager. Trustees from Dominion Cove Point LNG LP were Paul Dickson and Mike Gardner. Trustees from Maryland Conservation Council (MCC) were Karen Meadow and Millie Kriemelmeyer. Trustees from Sierra Club Maryland Chapter were Lila West and Becky Hunter. Mike Rudy was the trustee elected by the organizational trustees to represent the community. Business Manager was Bob Boxwell.

The three member organizations approved the Trustís budget and appointed their Trustees.

Information from Dominionís Trustees has kept the Trustees advised as to the completion of the expansion project. Meetings for 2018-2019 have been held at the Trust offices or at the Patuxent Business Park in Lusby.

The Trust continues to fund the Ruth Mathes Scholarship Fund. The College of Southern Maryland, Morgan State University, St. Maryís College of Maryland and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science are the benefactors. The board set aside the Dominion gift of $250,000 in our account at Bernsteinís to serve as the Ruth Mathes Fund Scholarship Endowment. The board agreed to award a $2,500 toward Aimee Beardmore to continue her educational efforts at Towson State University.

The Trustís investments remained with Bernstein Wealth Management. The annual audit was performed by Askey, Askey and Associates, CPA, LLC. Financial documents are available for review upon request.

The accountant is Fernandes DeGennaro and Associates and the bank account was with the Community Bank of the Chesapeake. We continue to hold short-term investment accounts with Bernstein Wealth Management to provide a better return for funds. These are drawn on to provide operating expenses as needed.

An office was maintained at the Hellen Creek Forest and Wildlife Preserve (HCFWP) located at 11785 Clifton Drive in Lusby, Maryland.

The Trust held regular business meetings and its annual meeting.

The HCFWP and house were maintained by the Business Manager.

The acquisition of The Nature Conservancyís (TNC) Hemlock Preserve is still in the process of being completed. We are currently working with Andrew Garth, Executive Director of Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust (PTLT), to come up with the funding from other sources (Navy REPI program). The sales agreement and easement have been approved and signed by TNC. Maryland Environmental Trust (MET) has been added to the easement holder. Representatives for PTLT, MET, and the Navy have toured the Hemlock Preserve. We await the signature of the REPI group to finalize the transaction.

The Webster Street Marsh Preserve continued to revert to marsh.

The Trust purchase approximately 169 acres of forest and farm land off Hellen Creek on Turner Road in Lusby, Maryland. The Business Manager and Vice-President have managed the rental properties on Turner Road and organized efforts to prepare the property for potential subdivision and sale of non-wooded areas.

The following reports for 2018-2019 were submitted by the Business Manager:


  • Communications with TNC, MET, PLTL, and the United States Navy (REPI) concerning transfer of ownership of the Hemlock Preserve to the Trust.
  • Maintained a web site and Facebook account.
  • Signed onto a letter with the Sustainable Calvert Network (SCN) group to promote return of funding for land preservation in the county.
  • Sent letters to the County Commissioners concerning the draft Calvert County Comprehensive Plan.
  • Provided letters supporting the establishment of Mallows Bay as a National Maritime Refuge.
  • Staff provide letter of support for the Natural Resources Management class at the St. Maryís County Tech Center.


  • The Trust co-sponsored through the Sustainable Calvert Network a county commissionerís candidate forum.
  • The Trust co-sponsored through the Sustainable Calvert Network a comprehensive plan community forum.
  • Staff attended meetings of the Calvert Nature Society (CNS) and Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust (PTLT).
  • Staff attended committee meetings on Rural Legacy and county land preservation strategy with the State.
  • Staff met with the new executive director of the Calvert Nature Society and the head of the countryís Natural Resources department.

Strategic Planning

  • Provided information to TNC, Calvert County, and PTLT concerning the Hemlock Preserve acquisition.
  • Planned for two Boy Scout troops overnight camping trips.
  • Investigated properties within the Patuxent watershed for preservation through county and State programs.
  • Business Manager was an active member of ACLTís science committee.
  • Provided input to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources outreach on park usage.


  • Held four seasonal public outings and three workdays at HCFWP.
  • Staff attended meetings as board member of the Southern Calvert Land Trust.
  • Staff served on Calvert County Citizenís Green Team and staffed a table at the Green Expo.
  • Staff assisted Insectival event at Annmarie Gardens.
  • Staffed a display at the Chesapeake Biological Labs open house in September.
  • Staffed a display and booth at Patuxent River Appreciation Days.
  • Sponsored two public lectures through CNS.
  • Sponsored the 2019 Calvert County Science Fair.
  • Hosted Sierra Club outings training at the HCFWP.
  • Staffed a display at the Calvert Health (hospital) Earth Day celebration.
  • Provided display and staff for Morgan State University.
  • Attended Fourth Annual Patuxent River Conference.
  • Staff lead a bird walk at Jefferson-Patterson Park for the newly established St. Leonardís Creek Watershed group.


  • Co-hosted the annual Master Naturalist classes in Calvert County.
  • Staff helped plan programming for the second Master Naturalist class in St. Maryís County.
  • Staff completed Master Naturalist training at the Elms Environmental Center (EEC).
  • Staff helped plan field trip programming at the EEC.
  • Staff provided programming for the following groups;
  • Calvert Master Gardner Garden Smarter program.
  • St. Maryís County Tech Center Natural Resources Management class.
  • Ridge Elementary School Earth Day celebration.
  • Home school group at Dowell Park.
  • Calvert Troubled Youth summer program.
  • St. Maryís County Tech Center summer camp.
  • Two Cub Scout troops.

Land Management

  • Continued efforts for the following;
  • Invasive plant removal efforts at HCFWP.
  • Deer management hunting program.
  • Biological monitoring programs for plants, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.
  • Maintained or improved the following projects;
  • Trails and clean-up of Hilltop and Hellen Creek sites.
  • Deer exclosures for native plant gardens at office and along streamside.
  • Two habitat plots (pollinator pockets) on the Preserve.
  • Led staff from MET, PTLT, and the Navy on tours of the Hemlock Preserve.
  • Provided access for two Boy Scout winter camping events.
  • Monitored properties for PTLT.
  • Monitored Hemlock Preserve for TNC reporting to Deborah Barber.
  • Managed two rental properties on Turner Road.
  • Organized and assisted volunteer clean-up effort at Turner Road.


  • The Trust approved over $13,934 in funding for the following projects;
  • Funded 2019 horseshoe crab survey and monitoring. ($10,743)
  • Funded plant survey monitoring at Cove Point beach and marsh easement for RTE species with the addition of pumpkin ash population. ($3,200)
  • Staff provided assistance for the following efforts;
  • Assisted with and organized volunteer effort to do daytime monitoring of horseshoe crab populations.
  • Monitoring bluebird trail at Dominion Cove Point LNG site. (see web site for reports)
  • Monitoring wood duck boxes off of Mill Creek Road in Lusby.
  • Running two Point Counts for the Important Bird Area on ACLT property.
  • Completing a Wildflower Identification class with CNS.
  • Took a field trip to Chino Farms to investigate meadow habitat program potential for Turner Road.

Grants and donations

  • The Trust provided $500 in funding for the following projects;
  • Sponsored the Calvert Green Expo at Annmarie Gardens at the $250 level.
  • Provided funding for St. Maryís County Envirothon ($100).
  • County Commissionerís Candidate Forum ($150)

Submitted June 11, 2019

Annual Report of Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust 2018-2019 (pdf)


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