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The mission of the Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust is to preserve and protect ecologically sensitive sites at Cove Point and Southern Maryland through land conservation, scientific research, and environmental education.

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Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust
11785 Clifton Drive
P.O. Box 336
Lusby, MD 20657



Located on the upper reaches of Hellen Creek in Lusby, the Hellen Creek Preserve covers some fifty acres of marshes, forests, streams, and slopes. Together with the adjacent TNC Hemlock Preserve over 120 acres of the watershed are under permanent easement. Our offices are located on the Preserve and our Business Manager is responsible for the upkeep and monitoring of it.

The focus of activities on the Preserve is to support biodiversity. Steps taken to further that goal include seasonal deer hunting to reduce the overabundance of that species. The understory of the forest is severely depleted by their grazing activities. As part of our habitat restoration effort we have regular invasive removal workdays and efforts to restore native species through plantings. These include two fenced areas to exclude deer from the “garden”. We have healthy population white turtleheads along the streambed “garden” which includes other wildflowers and wetland shrubs.

The hemlocks on the property are not doing as well. Although we entered into a Landowners Incentive Program to protect the species in the mid 2000’s the State never came through with its promise to treat the hemlocks. More than ten years later the population while not healthy does hold on with some new trees being produced.

The trail to Hellen Creek receives periodic work to fill areas damaged by intensive rains. The stairs to the creek have been repaired several times and currently allow access to the creek. A walkway has made access to the interior of the property an easier task. A series of posts and rope handholds have also opened up access.

We continue to await word whether The Nature Conservancy’s Hemlock Preserve will be signed over to our Trust. TNC, Calvert County, and State of Maryland worked on this for more than ten years. Prospects were bright and then a new governor took office and the efforts were dropped. A new tact was taken when the Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust contacted us about possible funding from the United States Navy through their Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration Program (REPI). As with other involvement with governmental entities this process has taken far longer than anticipated. A contract for sale is ready but has not yet been signed by the REPI members.

For more information or to arrange for a visit to the Preserve, please call me at 410-394-1300.

Bob Boxwell, Business Manager

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Our Board of Trustees consists of the following:
Ewing Miller, Chairman of the Board Emeritus
Washington, DC
  Robert J. Boxwell, Business Manager
Solomons, MD
Michael Rudy, President
Solomons, MD
  Becky Hunter
Park Hall, MD
Paul Dickson, Treasurer
Piney Point, MD
  Karen Meadow, Secretary
Baltimore, MD
Michael E. Gardner, Vice President
Lusby, MD
  Mildred Kriemelmeyer
Waldorf, MD
Lila West
Lusby, MD

The Trust acquired approximately 169 acres of farmland and forest

The Trust acquired approximately 169 acres of farmland and forest in June of 2018

The Trust acquired approximately 169 acres of farmland and forest in June of 2018.

Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust (CPNHT) is a non-profit trust in Calvert County, made up of the Sierra Club, the Maryland Conservation Council, and the Dominion Cove Point LNG (one of the nation's largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants). CPNHT's mission is to preserve and protect ecologically sensitive sites in Southern Maryland through land conservation and acquisition, research, and environmental education. The annual gift is part of a larger plan to give research education funds to area educational organizations that include the College of Southern Maryland, the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, and Morgan State University.

Environmental Education Outreach
The Trust has been providing programming to the local schools, scouts, and adult educational venues for the past five years. In addition to after school programs in Calvert and St. Mary’s County, the Trust has provide technical assistance, donated supplies, provided manpower, and funded several “green school” project in Calvert County. Cooperation with Chespax and Maryland Summer Camp are other venues to spread our message of environmental stewardship. If you have a school group, club, scout troop, day care, home owners association or other venue that would be interested in learning more about the Bay and the creatures that inhabit it, contact our Executive Director at 410.394.1300 or by e-mail at


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